Want to know what’s going on right now? Every week I send out an e-mail to all of my students listing my upcoming classes, jams, workshops, etc. If you would like to be added to my e-mail list and receive my weekly updates, or have any questions whatsoever about my teaching, please e-mail me at tonywatt@gmail.com


I currently have openings available for guitar, mandolin, bass, and beginning banjo lessons in the Boston area and anywhere in the world using Zoom videoconferencing.  I offer private lessons on a per-lesson basis, which means that I don’t require students to sign up for a block of lessons up front. However, most students do pay for a block of lessons at once because I offer various discounts if you pay for multiple lessons in advance. Generally speaking, I am most focused on teaching my students what they need to know so they can a) progress the fastest without developing bad habits, and b) teach themselves on their own as much as possible. I currently offer two lesson lengths:

40-minute lessons:
– best suited for online lessons
– best suited for beginner and intermediate students
– best suited for weekly (or mostly weekly) meetings
– usually scheduled for the same day and time every week

Hour-long lessons:
– better suited for in-person lessons
– great for students of all experience levels (including advanced)
– better suited for bi-weekly (or even less frequent) meetings
– often scheduled on a lesson-by-lesson basis (about a week in advance)

And of course, all of this is customizable depending on a given student’s situation and could evolve over time. I do not charge for missed or changed lessons (i.e. there is no cancellation or change fee), but I ask you to try not to change or cancel your lessons as much as possible.


Although they’re not for everyone, many of my students ultimately end up enrolling in group classes and jam sessions. Both provide a cost-effective, level-appropriate and supportive environment in which to learn and grow. Generally speaking, my group classes are between five and seven 60 to 90 minute sessions, either weekly or every other week. They typically have between 4 and 8 students, although rarely more or less than that. The cost varies depending on the course, but often includes handouts and corresponding mp3s.