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I have been lucky enough to be involved in some of the best Kids’ Academies in the country. I have taught literally hundreds of kids, including some incredibly talented folks who have gone on to become professional musicians.

My primary role in most Kids’ Academies is as the Senior/Advanced Band instructor – working with some of the most talented kids in bluegrass. I have led the Senior/Advanced Band for years at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival and the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival.
I have also been tapped as Kids’ Academy guitar instructor at both the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival and the Strawberry Park Bluegrass Festival. More recently, I was honored in 2008 to be hired as the Kids’ Academy Program Director at Jenny Brook Family Bluegrass Festival.
Below are a couple of videos from prior Kids’ Academy performances; I couldn’t possibly be more proud of these very talented young musicians!