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Instrument Purchasing Advice

Quality bluegrass instruments can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and it helps to have some advice you can trust. For years now I have been advising students and friends on their instrument purchasing decisions with some fantastic results. I have general advice, such as what to look for in a beginner guitar, or what kind of mandolin to look for (A-style vs. F-style, f holes vs. oval hole).

I also have a market-tested strategy for purchasing more valuable instruments, and I’m happy to share it with you. I am willing to review on-line listings of instruments you’re considering purchasing, and help answer any questions you may have. I have even spent time with my students at instrument stores comparing potential options. This service is generally free for my current or prospective students (for instance, if you’re interested in taking my introductory mandolin class, but don’t have a mandolin yet), or we can arrange a payment scheme if you require additional advice.

Finally, I often have guitars and mandolins for sale, usually on consignment from friends and students. I try only to offer instruments that I would consider playing myself, at prices I would be willing to pay. Please feel free to check with me about what I have for sale currently, or just to put a bug in my ear about something you might be interested in for the future.

Links to Some Favorite Products

Below is a list of links to some of my favorite products; please note that you may be able to find lower prices than those listed here (in fact, I often have some of these items for sale at a discount):

– my favorite inexpensive tuner (works for all instruments depsite the name)
– a favorite capo of mine (clips on the headstock)
– another favorite capo (fastens behind the nut)
– my favorite guitar strings
– my favorite mandolin strings
– my favorite humidifer that fits in your case
– my favorite humidifer that fits in your sound hole
– the Tone-Gard makes your mandolin 20-30% louder (when standing)
– the Tone-Rite is well worth the price if you’ve got a new instrument
– my favorite strap for heavy cases

Download my Microsoft Excel templates for guitar and mandolin tablature

          Guitar Tablature Template

          Mandolin Tablature Template

Directions to North Cambridge from the B.U. Bridge

Although the North Cambridge location is very close to two divided highways (Rt. 2 and I-93 via Rt. 16), here’s a neat way to get across Cambridge (from the BU bridge to the Cambridge/Arlington border). This route should take about the same amount of time during rush hour as it does at any other time of day. But be warned that if you don’t know the area, this route may be nearly impossible to navigate without a co-pilot; I’d suggest you keep a close watch on your odometer, and probably count out some of the turns.